Christian Huitema
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Christian HUITEMA: Publications


  • Christian Huitema. Routing in the Internet,
    Prentice Hall, April 1995, ISBN: 0131321927.
  • Christian Huitema. Ipv6 : The New Internet Protocol, (First Edition)
    Prentice Hall, January 1996, ISBN: 013241936X.
  • Christian Huitema. Ipv6 : The New Internet Protocol, (Second edition).
    Prentice Hall, November 1997, ISBN: 0138505055.
  • Christian Huitema. Et Dieu Créa l'Internet.
    Eyrolles, Paris ( 1995 ), ISBN : 2-212-08855-8.


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  • C. Huitema, J. Cameron, P. Mouchtaris and D. Smyk, "An Architecture for Residential Internet Telephony Service." IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 3, Number 3, May-June 1999.

Internet Requests For Comment

  • RFC 1383. An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing. C. Huitema. December 1992. (Status: EXPERIMENTAL).
  • RFC 1438. Internet Engineering Task Force Statements Of Boredom (SOBs). A. Lyman Chapin, C. Huitema. 1 April 1993. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1481. IAB Recommendation for an Intermediate Strategy to Address the Issue of Scaling. C. Huitema. July 1993. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1601. Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). C. Huitema. March 1994. (Obsoletes RFC1358) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1636. Report of IAB Workshop on Security in the Internet Architecture - February 8-10, 1994.R. Braden, D. Clark, S. Crocker, C. Huitema. June 1994. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1715. The H Ratio for Address Assignment Efficiency. C. Huitema. November 1994. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1796. Not All RFCs are Standards. C. Huitema, J. Postel, S. Crocker. April 1995. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 1886. DNS Extensions to support IP version 6. S. Thomson, C. Huitema. December 1995. (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
  • RFC 2032. RTP Payload Format for H.261 Video Streams. T. Turletti, C. Huitema. October 1996. (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
  • RFC 2705. Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Version 1.0. M. Arango, A. Dugan, I. Elliott, C. Huitema, S. Pickett. October 1999. (Status: INFORMATIONAL)
  • RFC 2874. DNS Extensions to Support IPv6 Address Aggregation and Renumbering. M. Crawford, C. Huitema. July 2000. (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
  • RFC 2885. Megaco Protocol 0.8. F. Cuervo, N. Greene, C. Huitema, A. Rayhan, B. Rosen, J. Segers. August 2000. (Status: HISTORIC)
  • RFC 3015. Megaco Protocol 1.0. F. Cuervo, N. Greene, A. Rayhan, C. Huitema, B. Rosen, J. Segers. November 2000. (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
  • RFC 3068. An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers. C. Huitema. June 2001. (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
  • RFC 3068. An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers. C. Huitema. June 2001.
  • RFC 3194. The H-Density Ratio for Address Assignment Efficiency: An Update on the H ratio. A. Durand, C. Huitema. November 2001.
  • RFC 3428. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Instant Messaging. B. Campbell, Ed., J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, C. Huitema, D. Gurle. December 2002.
  • RFC 3489. STUN - Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs). J. Rosenberg, J. Weinberger, C. Huitema, R. Mahy. March 2003.
  • RFC 3596 DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6. S. Thomson, C. Huitema, V. Ksinant, M. Souissi. October 2003.
  • RFC 3605 Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) attribute in Session Description Protocol (SDP). C. Huitema. October 2003.
  • RFC 3750 Unmanaged Networks IPv6 Transition Scenarios.C. Huitema, R. Austein, S. Satapati, R. van der Pol. April 2004.

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