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Christian Huitema: Books


Can we still write books in the Internet Age? Obviously, we are moving to the age where recycled electrons with spare the death of trees. But we are not there yet. Reading 200 pages of text on a computer screen is clumsy, not to mention the effects on your eyes. This is why I wrote three books on the Internet: Routing in the Internet, IPv6, the new Internet Protocol and Et Dieu créa l'Internet. Books, however, are never perfect. They are written and checked, printed and shipped, and then they sit in libraries. We discover small errors in the text, we notice that the world and the Internet change. On this site, you will find a way to comment on the books, be warned of what has changed, and also obtain further information.

I am some times asked whether I have other books in preparation. The short answer is no, not enough time!