Christian Huitema
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Christian Huitema: Talks & Conferences

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Time Passes, Security Changes… August 2005 63rd IETF, Paris, France
IPv6, the way ahead October 2002 Eurescom Summit 2002, Heidelberg, Germany
QoS research in a complicated world June 2002 IEEE Infocom, New York, NY
Enabling IPv6 in Corporate Intranet Networks June 2002 IPv6 summit, Washington, DC
Deploying IPv6, now(PPT) March 2002 IPv6 summit, Madrid
Distributed Peer-to-Peer Name Resolution(PPT) November, 2001 O'Reilly Peer-to-peer and Web Services Conference, Washington, DC
NAT, Firewalls and IPv6(PPT) October, 2001 ITXC Conference, Seattle
Peer-to-Peer and IPv6(PPT) February, 2001 O'Reilly Peer-to-peer Conference, San Francisco
How will IPv6 change the Internet? (PPT) October, 2000 IST 2000 Conference, IPv6 Forum Session, Nice, France
Once there was IPv4 (PPT) October, 2000 IPv6 Forum Conference, Washington, DC
Service providers: SIP and Softswitch (PPT) September 16, 2000 Voice on The Net (VON) Conference, Atlanta -- SIP Forum session
Should SIP be modified for per call billing?(PPT) September 16, 2000 Voice on The Net (VON) Conference, Atlanta -- SIP Forum session
Implications and Realities of IPv6 (PPT) Sepetember 16, 2000 Voice on The Net (VON) Conference, Atlanta
Network vs. Server issues in end-to-end performance (PPT) June 18, 2000 PAWS 2000
Les défis de la nouvelle génération (PPT, French) March 2000Conference organized by France Telecom at Eurodysney, near Paris
IPv6: Connecting 6 billion humans, and then 6,000 billion computers (PPT) November 1999IPv6 Forum Conference, Jouy en Josas, France